03-23-03 - New Female Heads

Glitter made 6 new female light heads on 2 new meshes. You can find them on pages 6 and 7.


03-07-03 - A New Site, Updates, and lots o' plugs...

In other news, Frilly Sims will be going back to it's Japanese Lolita/EGL roots soon. ^_^ I'm doing a new site with LisaAnne and Kosh of Pickle Sims. It will be called Unlaced Sims and will be pay. Don't worry, both Pickle Sims and Frilly Sims will remain active and free. Most of my new general or "mainstream" content will be made for the new site which will allow me to stick with the FS theme a little easier. Pickle Sims has become one of the most popular download sites in the sims community and LA has been really struggling to keep up with the ever increasing amount of bandwidth usage the site has needed (believe me, we host her now and I am amazed that she has been able to keep it running on donator packs and personal income alone). LA will use any profit she and Kosh make to help pay for the PS bandwidth costs and I will use my cut to buy some desperately needed 3d Modeling books and software (this will mean better meshes for you guys here at FS too!). So, we hope you guys will come and support us when Unlaced opens. :)

Also, my girl Donna has opened her new skin site Zipper Zone. :) Go grab some of her great skins! Sim Skins has just updated too and Daboo has put up another one of my guest meshes. Go check out my Godiva mesh, some really cool looking new poses, and a few other goodies. ;) BTW, if you haven't been by my boy Sketch's site lately, you should go take a look. He's been doing some really great stuff.