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11-23-02 Thank you! ^_^

First off, thank you for everyone who emailed me! The response was so overwhelming, I'm not sure that I'll get to reply to everybody, but thank you. It was really sweet. ^_^

Just to clarify:

  • Meshes are free for anyone to use on their site as they are, just include my text file and/or give me mesh credit on the page
  • It's ok to use any combination of my textures or meshes as "models" on your site, just give me model credit somewhere (see Pickle Sims for a good example of model credits)
  • Ask permission before modifying any of my bitmaps or meshes for distribution on your site

    ***The update part***
    There are a few new heads on Female 11 and one on Male 2.

    ---Other news---
    Copenhagen rawks! I had a blast in Denmark with the Amazon Sims gang. Azzie and I planned a little fun project, so look for that soon. :)

    I have finally gotten caught up on my school work *gasp*, so I'm actually going to start the J-rock theme! (This means Etc should get a Robert Smith head she likes too, :P)

  • 11-16-02 Grrrr...

    Ok, I've been updating female heads pages 10 and 11 for the past few days, but.... I'm still in a fairly yucky mood (please notice yesterday's rant). I'm a little over seeing my "nude" faces with some lip and eye color thrown on, so I thought I'd try some "make-up" myself, hehe...

    More rambling...
    This has been getting on my nerves for a while now, but it's only started _really_ bugging me in the past few weeks, so while I'm feeling grouchy....

  • Don't ask me which textures I'm asking you to take down or credit me for when all you've done is throw some "make-up" or changed the hair on one of my face textures
  • Don't email me to say that my heads are great, but my skins stink
    The first is annoying and the second hurts my feelings. :(
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